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Massage chairs – the modern, personalised destresser

Although they emerged in 1980, massage chairs somehow are the new buzz among people today. This is because when people are stressed every single moment, these tech-savvy machines help them to de-stress.

What is a massage chair

Massage chairs are personalized which help to alleviate pain in exact areas of the body. These offer many benefits and help relieve pain starting from a simple headache to body ache. These help you to get rid of anxiety, depression or mood swings to even severe sciatica, constipation migraines, arthritis, hypertension, insomnia, lethargy, improper circulation, slower metabolism.

What are vibration machines

Vibration machines offer a safer, quicker and easier way of internal massaging to relieve back pain. These also help in weight loss and muscle toning with a manual and highly personalized setup. According to the recent researches, 10 minutes of usage, thrice for 1.5 months will help to burn the extra calories fostering better and faster metabolism. The newer models launched include Lifeback 2, a handy and a simple vibrator; CV12, a high speed high torque machine, and CV9, a bigger comfortable side-side rocking action platform.

Different types of massage chairs

One can easily find a full body massage chair for every area of the body like neck, calves, back, shoulder and feet, and sometimes the arms and hands. An upper body or an ottoman massage chair mainly soothes back pain along with neck, shoulder and arms, and hence is less priced than the previous one, but less comfortable comparatively. An air massage chair consists of an air bag collection with or without roller chairs which provides a parlour-like experience exclusively for the arms, feet, hands and legs. See more at Cardio Tech

An upcoming feature turned into a type of chair is a Zero gravity chair or a reclining chair which realigns the spine coupled with the massaging therapy, but goes over-the-budget. A heat therapy massage chair with heating pads or rollers helps internal healing and is mainly for the athletes, fitness freaks and elderly people. A seat vibrating chair gives instant relief to all the pain attacked areas giving a relaxed outcome.

Also, the newly introduced temperature-controlled massage chairs are making headlines because of the 5-speed cooling fan and 6 vibration settings for automated cooling or heating effect accordingly.

Guidelines for buying a good massage chair

The budget and how much to compromise for any feature is the first and foremost guideline prescribed. If a plethora of unique or particular features are required, it will be expensive. Massage chairs come in all shapes and sizes with different massage settings, including techniques like Shiatsu which includes pressing, sweeping, patting, rolling, and rotating movements focusing on releasing tension in specific locations of the body. Another technique is the Swedish massage which includes long gliding strokes and kneading motions ensuring better circulation.

Risks and Contraindications

There are low or no risks associated with massage chairs and hence it is advisable to buy massage chairs or buy vibration machines from Cardio Tech, an Australia-based pathfinder in the fitness industry. Visit “” for more information.

Finding the Best Personal Trainer

Terry Grosetti, a trainer in Newcastle, states on the Ocean Times Herald that he believes regardless of a person’s age, a physical training program must be tailored to the individual. He adds that a personalized program helps a person to achieve his or her goals and manage their overall training capacity. What better way is there to achieve this than by getting a personal trainer Coogee market has today?

personal trainer Coogee

Trainers are not cheap but the benefits of getting the best personal trainer are priceless. However, with so many personal trainers out there, how do you get the right one? Well look no further; this article highlights how to hire the best personal trainer Coogee has today.


The first thing you need to consider is your intention. Have a clear goal about what you want before hiring a trainer. A Coogee personal trainer works with your expectations so know what you want first before making any moves. After knowing your needs, find a trainer who understands what you need, how you need it and why. For example, you might be training to go for a marathon so it would not make any sense to hire a bodybuilding trainer. Find a personal trainer Coogee based, who is specialized in your area of need.

Trainer, coach or instructor

Another important factor to consider is whether you are looking for is a trainer, an instructor or a coach. There is a difference between these three. A trainer will help you in the case you want to move better as he or she is specialized in ensuring proper movement patterns and muscle recruitment while minimizing the risk of an injury.

Then there is the instructor whom you should hire if what you want is to look better. The instructor will take you through drills to make you stronger, powerful and fast as well as give you safe limitation test. Finally, you have the option of a getting a coach who will help you in the case you want to get better as he or she will create clear cut directions and expectations for you leaving all the accountability to you.

Certification, affordability, and comfort

Then there is the matter of being certified. Like everything else, knowledge on fitness evolves constantly. Therefore, a good trainer has to be certified and be up to date with the changing techniques. This will enable him or her to give you safe instructions. You also have to consider if you can afford a particular trainer. You might be interested in a trainer with a good reputation but is way out of your price league. Remember to choose quality but still consider your budget. A personal trainer in Coogee is someone you work with often. Thus it has to be someone you are comfortable working with and trust to help you achieve your goals safely.

To find the best personal trainer in Coogee, you can find recommendations, check the directory or simply check online by visiting